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If you've read our previous blogs or have been keeping up with our social media, you would've noticed that our Project has been selected for full funding and we will be commencing our custom motorcycle build very soon! We're super excited to be bringing Project Team Building to Ontario (the only Canadian project selected for funding btw 🇨🇦) and to the larger motorcycling community, all while promoting mens mental health and wellbeing, which is an incredibly important cause to us. At this stage, we are selecting and confirming participants who will be on the "team" and will guide the style and direction of our project bike, while also building social connections and strengthening their mental health in the process.

We are looking for men, approximately 20-35 years of age, who are interested in learning about motorcycle mechanics and customization and are also looking to socially connect with like minded individuals through a custom bike build. Our concept is a build where the participants (aka 'Team') will chose the style and direction of the motorcycle, as well as having guest speakers from both the motorcycling and mental health communities to promote an open discussion within the private group setting. Imagine a weekly, private Zoom-type video call, exclusively with the Team (1 hour build sessions per week) where we will be working on the project bike together while also having an open conversation about numerous topics related to motorcycles and/or mental health. If and when restrictions are loosened, we will also hold some in-person sessions as well for those who are located near the build space in Toronto. We're also looking for guys who are looking to build social connections because they are either physically located a bit further from the more metropolitan areas where a lot of group rides or social events seem to centre around, or because they just haven't been able to connect with groups in their area yet and want to try something new. It doesn't matter if you're a brand new rider or someone who's been riding for a few years- the most important thing is that you're interested in being a part of a cool build and meet some new guys in the process- that's it.

Our initiative is pretty simple- we know that just doing something like this will be a positive thing for the community and those participants involved, so its all worth it. We are trying to promote Movember and DGR's values and messages, one of which is to ensure that people (men especially) take their mental health seriously and to do things that they enjoy and positively impact their lives.

There will be no cost to the participants and the project team will cover all the costs associated with the purchase of the project bike, tools, equipment, parts and services. The project participants (i.e. you) will be the core of the project and the end goal (besides the finished bike build) will be the connections we form and the benefits you will receive from learning more about motorcycle builds and customization along the way. We know that motorcycles are beneficial to mental health, and we are just trying to find another way to promote the idea that we should prioritize our mental health however possible.

If you are interested in being a participant and meet the above criteria, send us an email at or by filing in the participant form on our 'Get Involved' tab on our homepage.

Hope to have you on the team!

-Project Team Building

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