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As with any motorcycle project, a solid garage space is imperative for a successful build (although our Project Lead Adam Sanzo can confirm that it is also possible to do a minor cafe racer bike build in his condo living room- but we wouldn't recommend though lol).

We are hoping that our awesome community can help us find an ideal space within the GTA that meets all of our requirements- a usable garage space that can also accommodate the filming component of our project, while also staying within our modest budget.

Our main requirements include the following:

  • a space that can accommodate a dedicated motorcycle lift for the build- approx. 200-250 sq. ft would be ideal;

  • storage of our production equipment and any other tools/equipment (approx. 1-2 lockers worth of equipment- secured if possible);

  • washrooms would be ideal as we will be spending quite a bit of time there;

  • access to the space during the build days (approximately 3-4 hrs during after hours, once a week). Also access to the space may be required during other times (off days, weekends, etc); and,

  • use of tools would be appreciated (can factor in cost to borrow tools into rent cost)

If we do go with an existing working garage, we would require space for approximately one year from June/July 2021-2022.

Ideally we would prefer a private garage space in Toronto/GTA but we understand our limitations with budget and availability so are open to a shared space.

Budget/rent will be discussed privately with any garage owner/landlord.

If you or anyone you know has a space that can offer these things, please let us know. Email if you have any ideal spaces or recommendations for us.

Our motorcycle community is amazing and has always come through in the past so I know we will find the right space for this project.

Thanks for the consideration!

-Project Team Building

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