We're a group of motorcyclists that are passionate about our moto-community and men's mental health.


Adam Sanzo

Team Leader

Adam Sanzo is a mental health advocate, and has been involved with Movember for nine years. He's the co-chair of the Movember Toronto Volunteer Committee, has participated in the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride for the last five years, and co-hosted the Toronto Ride for the last three years.

"We all know that motorcycles are inherently isolating by nature. Its you and your machine working together to get you wherever you want to go. When I began riding in 2015, it was this concept that I thought would alleviate my mental illness and depression. While I do enjoy the occasional solo adventure from time to time, it’s the social connectedness that truly benefits my mental wellbeing. At first, I struggled to find my place within the motorcycle community in Toronto but once I discovered local social meetups and events, such as the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, my life changed significantly. I truly mean it in a literal sense."

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Paul Dutra

Partner & Build Advisor

Paul is an experienced custom motorcycle builder, the ride host for the Toronto Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, and has been a fixture in the Toronto motorcycle community for years.

Paul works alongside the Team Leader and advises on build technical matters as they arise and provides tips and best practices for motorcycle maintenance.

Fawad Haqqi

Partner & Strategic Advisor

Fawad has participated in the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride for many years.


Fawad brings his business acumen to the group, assists with overall project strategy, budgeting, and providing his insights to ensure the project is a success beyond the pilot phase.

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Ken Bessant


A fellow enthusiast and Distinguished Gentleman's Ride participant, Ken’s background in telecom governance, security, and compliance adds a unique element to the team. His years of experience provide valuable insight and advice.

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Caius Tenche

Marketing & PR, Strategy

Motorcycle enthusiast and DGR participant, Caius is the founder of the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival and brings his extensive experience in brand management and audience engagement as a critical element of the team. He oversees the brand messaging, digital experience, and ensures we execute the shared vision for the project. 

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